FS: Sorted parts, equipment, junk

Stefan Bishay stefan at EMERALDNET.NET
Mon May 10 03:28:47 EDT 1999

Another round of uh, "good stuff", err.... for sale. All prices plus
shipping, please include address when replying to expidite calculations.

-B&K 1076 Television Analyst. Tubes light up, that is all I know. $15.

-AN-URT-27 emergency transmitter, 243 mc. Used in Nam-era pilots survival
vests. Issued/good condition, missing flexible antenna though. Solid-state.

-National tuning dial, 2 3/4 x 4". Black wrinkel finish, has 3 tuning
charts marked J475-4. Has a nice knob, and Velvet Vernier reduction drive
on the back. NOS, but no box. $12

-Velvet vernier reduction drive, $8

-Aft camera controller, part of AN/AVC-1282. Dated 12 AUG 1969. $50

-Argonne vernier dial, model 99-6031. 1 1/2". 6:1 reduction. Panel mount,
attaches to 1/4" shaft. Like what you would use on a percision pot. $6, NIB.

-4kv, 4uf filter cap, oil-filled. $7

-HV energy storage caps, 2200v, 100uf. Metal can 2"D x 5.5"H. I hav five of
these. Great filter caps. $8/ea

-Standard Horizon MAXI marine VHF set, model C862S. Rec works, but no mic
so transmitter in untested. $20

-BC-475-A, missing cover, eye tube. Modified, but exc. condition. $25

-Dosimeter Corp model 3700A geiger counter. Works intermittantly, no GM
tube. Solid state, modern unit, runs on 2-d and 1-9v batteries. Reads 0-500
mR/h and 0-300k CPM. Was $678 from Vallen Saftey in '96. $50

-BC-357-C air beacon reciever, fair condition. Missing the 12C8. $12

-Fluke 821-AR differential voltmeter, rack mount. Also server as 0-500V
power supply. Includes manual, $25.

-Variac, 0-240v, 9a. Missing dial plate, knob, shaft, brush. Excellent
condition, $25.

-Various neon sign transformers, inquire.

Feel free to make offers, I need more space!

Stefan Bishay - KC7SJC
Seattle, WA
ICQ 2141646

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