Dee Almquist soundnmind at RICA.NET
Wed May 12 10:09:19 EDT 1999

Have a HP 606A (Hewlet Packard) that has had filter caps added to clean up
pwr supply & necessary tubes replaced. I have used this instrument a lot in
the past & it  performs very well. I installed a long double shielded "hose"
to hook to freq counter (no leaks) that really inhanced the convenience of
the unit. Its strong suit is it covers any H, IF freq (like 60kc for the
Hammarlund HQ-170 & 180s) & covers thru top of the 10m band. This is an AM
generator w/ onboard audio but U can external any audio generator.
Completely metered & precision attenuator output (for RF). This generator is
analog but very stable for aligning IFs. This is a good low priced good
working unit but now I have replaced it with a digital service monitor &
dont need it. Price; $100. OBO + shipping (prefer local PU @ approx 50 lbs).
Dee, w4pnt at rica.net

Patty & Dee's Marina, collectors of electronic boatanchors. 534 W Main St.,
Waynesboro, Va. 22980 (540)249-3161 fax (540)249-5064

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