Need info about Kenwood TS-820s Antenna Relay

Gary C Donner wb8nll at JUNO.COM
Sun May 23 19:19:17 EDT 1999

    I have a Kenwood TS 820s that has a bad antenna relay.  Needless to
say, I'm outa business.  I contacted Kenwood, who said to try to clean
it.... I tried their procedure, but the thing is beyond cleaning.  They
said if cleaning did not help, that there is No "Plan B", and I was out
of luck, since production was stopped on this relay many years ago.
In contacting Omron Corp, the mfg of this item, they said, yes, no more
were available, but I could possibly try an R10 series from Potter &
Brumfield. They had no idea of the voltage being used on the coil. On the
relay (no mfg #) was that it was a Type MH 4P  300 ohm DC.  One fella on
another list said with the 300 ohm, it was probably a 12 volt DC relay.
 Does anyone on this list have any idea of what relay will work in this
rig, or any additional information that might help me to find one?
Any help or info is greatly appreciated.   Thank You
73,  Gary

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