Customs and Boatanchors

William L. Fuqua III wlfuqu00 at POP.UKY.EDU
Mon May 24 16:05:14 EDT 1999

A young Russian ham visting here in the USA is going back to Poland
soon. He will have several boat anchors with him, one is a Heathkit
HW-100 w/ power supply and another is an old receiver. I think he will
be taking a Solid State HT as well.
    He has gotten an US ticket but is only a novice, but he does
have a license in Poland. What should he expect at customs as
he leaves US and enters Poland? Will he have to pay duty on the
30 or more year old boat anchors? Keeping in mind he does not
have much money for his hobby stuff and hopefully amateur radio
is a respected service there and he will not have to pay

Bill wa4lav

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