Dentron Cliperton-L, w/o tubes $250.00

Lane Zeitler zeitler at IBM.NET
Thu May 27 16:26:48 EDT 1999

I have a very nice looking Dentron Cliperton-L amp with no tubes. Covers 160
to 10 meters. It does have a 'built in' tuned input network but looks like
it may have been added later on by an outfit like Omega Electronics. I do
not know if it is stock. I don't think it is. It also has a non -Cliperton-L
front panel meter. It IS a Dentron meter but is black faced (non-original?).
Also the meter multiplier circuitry could use some work. The plate voltage
seems to read okay but the plate current reads off scale for some reason.

No tubes. The amp will run either 2500 volts or 1800 volts which is selected
from the front panel so you can install either (4) 572Bs or (4) 811As since
the filament requirements are the same. I HAVE used this amp with (4) 572Bs
and it will deliver 1500 watts into a 50 ohm dummy load on 80, 40, and 20
meters with 100 watts of drive. Usually Cliperton Ls will NOT do legal limit
out but this plate xmfr must be a bit better than the average for some
reason. Slightly less on 160 and the bands above 20. I need the tubes for
other amps therefore I am offering this w/o tubes.

I do have a complete copy of the manual with schematic and parts list. I
purchased this amp a few months ago with the intent of getting it 100% and
using it as a backup but too many projects right now and not enought time
(or money).

Front panel is really nice and the cabinet overall is pretty good. price is
$250.00 plus ACTUAL shipping costs from San diego zip 92139. Amp will be
double boxed and shipped CONUS only via UPS.

pls include your phone number when replying so I can call you if we need to
talk over the phone.


Lane Zeitler
San Diego

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