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>At 07:25 PM 5/27/99 -0700, you wrote:
>>Hi Green guys and gals.  Without the alignment sheets, I'm having trouble
>>getting my 303 to receive 0n 75M.  I seem to lose osc. above about 3750.
>>Receives other bands O.K. Suspected the 75pf cap across the het osc coil
>>so replaced that. No go. Would appreciate alignment instructions, maybe a
>>fax of a sheet or two or suggestions as to my problem. Xtal maybe?
>>Thanks for any help.  Fred W7PRV

A 50 ohm terminator is needed on the LMO output of the SB303.
Just solder a 51 ohm resistor on an RCA plug and install
it. The LMO tends to go into a parasitic oscillation
on some frequencies with out it.

Bill wa4lav

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