R-390A Power Switch Question

Robert M. Dunn dunnr at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sun May 30 16:49:32 EDT 1999

Hi All,

Second attempt to send this out, first attempt didn't seem to make it onto the server.  Quick R-390A question for the group.

Has anyone found a source or substitute for the R-390A's microswitch that switches the power on/off?  It is mounted to the function switch on the backside of the front panel and is actuated by a cam on the function switch.  The entire function switch is labeled S102 in the parts list, there is not a separate number for the microswitch.  My microswitch is very close to the end of its useful .  I successfully got it off and opened up after the contracts fused closed and the radio wouldn't turn off.   When I had it open I burnished the contacts and reassembled it. Now it is making an arcing noise when I power up and it cannot be long at this rate before it burns up.

Anybody else had a similar experience and located a source of spares or a substitute?

I am waiting for the arrival of the bristol wrenches before pulling the front panel again so I have a few days before I try anything.  Suggestions appreciated.   THANKS to ROY MORGAN who pointed me to the problem and suggested that I open the switch up and unstick the contacts.  Since my first attempt to fix the switch I have found the web page http://www.islandnet.com/~dma/Boatanchors/r390an95.htm which describes pulling the switch apart but at this point I think a replacement of some sort is in order.


Rob Dunn

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