Items for disposal

Tony Grogan wsno19 at MINDSPRING.COM
Mon May 31 18:46:45 EDT 1999

The following items represent the last of the "thinning down" of the South
Carolina Signal Corps museum collection. All items disposed of aid the
continuation of the Museum. Thank you.

All shipping and special packing will be paid for by purchaser. I will help
out where time permits.

1. NOS Signal Generator/ Flight Line Test set I-96A. In wooden suitcase,
this item has the receiver and transmitter test sets for the SCR-522 VHF
radio. Also OK for vehicle owner AN/VRC-1. This is absolutely UNUSED and
PRICE $125.00.

1. Nice AN/ART-13 Tx c/w calibration book. UNMODIFIED-ORIGINAL. PRICE

2. C-87/ART-13 control boxes. 1 NOS, 1 Excellent.
PRICE $20.00 ea. First come..First..etc.

2. BC-603 Receivers. Push Button FM. Excellent cndx. No
Dynamotors..(possibly Fair Radio?)
PRICE $50.00 ea.

and Williamson. Just taken out of service at local airport. 118 to 136 Mhz.
PRICE $95.00 Cheap!!!

1. WW11 German Army Field(Desk) Phone. With I/C box and German phonetic
alphabet card. Well marked..Lots of provenance!!

Price $95.00

Power Supply, Loudspeaker, COIL DRAWER!! and original RAS rack. A little
soap and water will clean this one up nicely!! A RARE! item today!
PRICE $450.00 OBO.

1. RAF TR-9D HF Tx/Rx. VERY VERY nice cndx. This unit was sent to CROSLEY
RADIO as an engineering example. Then came the SCR-522......Right from the
age of the HURRICANE and early SPIT's..This is uniqu to have an
unmodified/complete one today!!
PRICE $250.00

2. RU-18 Aircraft Radios c/w coils!, control boxes, one distribution box,
racks etc..All Excellent
PRICE $150.00 and $175.00. These are VERY NICE!!!

1. BC-1206DM SETCHELL-CARLSON Beacon receiver. NICE..little wrinkle paint
gone..complete. Front panel VERY GOOD!
PRICE $35.00

3. PP-112/GR Power Supplies for AN/VRC-8etc..used with RT-66,67 and 68
Radios. 24VDC.
Great cndx.
PRICE $39.00 each.

1. LM Freq Meter. c/w Original book!
PRICE $45.00 Cheap!

1. Radio Suppressor Electrical. MX-7777A/GRC. Removed from AN/VRCxx
installation on M151A2 Jeep. Got a radio in a need this.
PRICE $55.00

2. VERY RARE!! 5820-503-3452 Racks for Installation of AN/PRC-8,9 and 10's
in M38A1 and early M151's without!!! the power supply. You put the entire
radio in the rack with batt case and antenna...and..your talking. No wires!
THESE NOS MT-1163/U are scare. First come...etc.
PRICE $75.00 ea.

1. BC-221 Freq Meter. Metal case Very nice
PRICE $45.00

2. AN/URC-4 (RT-159B) with 2 Batts each and cable. Excellent cndx
PRICE $65.00 ea.

1. C2296/VRC control box. NOS. V/NAM contract c/w H-207 handset.
PRICE $35.00

1. C2297 Control Box. Used V/Nice. V/Nam contract.
PRICE $30.00

1. C-2299 Control Box. Post V/Nam. Gud Cndx.
PRICE $30.00

1. AM-1780/VRC..fer tracks!!. Gud cndx.late V/Nam Contract.
PRICE $45.00

1. VERY RARE. For Jeep installation. Radio Mount for AN/PRC-25/77. NOS
(dirty) MT-3823/GRC. Put radio in rack w/batt box and antenna. Your talking.
No Wires!
PRICE $75.00

1. Excellent MT-300/GR for RT-70 p/o VRC-7. c/w all cables and DC input
PRICE $65.00

2. Mounts for AN/GRC-87. (AN/GRC-9) MT-350. 1 NOS and 1 excellent.
$45.00 each.

1. Large rack for AN/VRC-xx? This hold the RT-68, one Rx and PSU. Excellent
shape with cables etc.
PRICE $55.00

2. Dynamotor Power Supplies DY-105B for vehicle installation of GRC-9 into a
GRC-87 config. 1 NOS, 1 Good used. 24VDC.

PRICE NOS $65.00, other $45.00

3. Racks, Modulator. Navy ARA. NOS in boxes.
PRICE $10.00 each.

5. NOS "short" canvas for SCR-509.510 or SCR-609, 610. BG-185.
PRICE $30.00!!!!

20. Very scarce local control knobs fer AN/ARC-5. By ARC Corp - Booton NJ.
has vernier for precise freq setting.NOS in boxes..The lastones!!
PRICE $15.00 each All for $150.00.

Final note: If you have a sensible "trade" in mind, state your peace, I

Tony Grogan

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