FS: Some BA Transmitters & accessories

Brian Carling af4k at EARTHLINK.NET
Mon Nov 1 21:40:50 EST 1999

For Sale:
= = = = =

Globe Scout 680 AM-CW transmitter. Covers 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 and 6m.
6146 final with 6L6 modulator.  Complete transmitter with
all tubes etc. The case needs paint. Front panel is good,
but top cover has some surface rust. Will sell for $95.00
= = = = =

HEATH DX-60 with accessories - includes matching Heath HG-10 VFO,
Heath HM-15 SWR meter and a nice straight key plus the
DX-60 manual. Fine two tone vintage green radios!
All in excellent shape.  Will sell for $185.00
= = = = =

Kenwood TS-520s in good condition. Comes with a Shure desk microphone
The top cover needs cleaning up. Front panel looks good. Has all
the original knobs. Operates on 120V AC or 12V DC.
Will sell for $275.00
= = = = =

Galaxy 12V DC Power supply. This will work with the Galaxy III
and Galaxy V series of HF transceivers etc.
Will sell for $39.00
= = = = =

National VFO-62. This is the companion VFO to their line of
VHF transmitters and transceivers. 120V AC supply is built-in.
This one is complete and in great shape. It needs paint on the
outer case, but the front panel is decent. Main tuning knob
has some surface rust.
I would like to trade this for an HF vfo (any brand)
or sell for $45.00
= = = = =

Dentron Super Tuner. Covers  160-10m. 1 KW capability all band tuner,
includes WARC band coverage. Outputs for balanced feeders, single wire,
and regular co-ax. Excellent condition
Will sell for $95.00

= = = = =

One MFJ 5/8 2m magmount mobile antenna - excellent condition
Will sell for $12.00
= = = = =

One 1/4 wave magnetic mount 2m FM mobile antenna. Almost new. Used
only about 2 months. Will sell for $10.00

Shipping additional

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