FS: RCA High Sensitivity AC VTVM

Michael Crestohl mc at SOVER.NET
Wed Nov 3 08:12:29 EST 1999

Good morning gang:

This is a nice vacuum tube voltmeter that measures very small
voltages.  The lowest range is .01 V full scale.  Model
WV-76A.  Exceptionally clean condition and includes a nice AC/RF probe
model WG-300B with Direct and Low Cap X10 switch.  Works but could use
calibration (easy to do with a DVM!)

Great instrument for working on any tube radios, including Collins!!!

I would like to keep this but I had to decide between my HP-410C because I
can only keep one!  Price is $40.00 plus UPS.

If interested please reply by e-mail.


Michael Crestohl

mc at sover.net

Michael Crestohl
mc at sover.net

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