Problem with Cramolin contact cleaner

Jerry Straight jerrys at FTP.XETRON.COM
Fri Nov 5 12:48:14 EST 1999

   I have not used the Cramolin products so I can't comment on them but I
have always used  CAIG DeoxIT D5 and always with super results.
73 Jerry
Old Radio Collector

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Subject: Problem with Cramolin contact cleaner

> Hi all!
> I have just had an experience I'm trying to unsort. After using the
> three-part Cramolin cleaners to clean all the tube sockets,
> switches and controls on my HQ-180, it barely works on two of the
> six bands. On the working bands, it only works in AM - SSB the bfo
> appears either way off or dead and the audio has pops and cracks.
> Prior to the cleaning, it worked well on all bands, except for
> rather scratchy switches and controls. Prior to cleaning, the
> visible portion of the band-switches had a light buildup of a
> bluish residue resembling the color of Channel Master contact
> cleaner and had the gunky consistency of lubriplate.
> I followed the Cramolin cleaning instructions to the letter:
> Saturate the switches and controls with the petrol-based Cleaner
> first, lightly brush off any solids, then completely rinse the
> areas with the alcohol-based Spray Wash right afterwards, then
> apply a modest coat of the Protection to each surface. Thinking I
> had mis-applied the product and left some kind of residue behind, I
> went through the process again. The receiver worked only slightly
> better (may be subjectively better ;^). Still only two of six bands
> working (upper two, double conversion mode).
> I'm at the point of diminishing returns being too close to the
> problem. Any ideas or similar experiences with these products, or
> Crims? Cleansing process? Debugging tips?
> Thanks in advance.....
> 73 Bill N4ALG
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