Need to find cool radio for my girlfriend.... dave at BOATANCHORS.COM
Fri Nov 12 10:31:59 EST 1999

Hello all,

Odd request here, but I want to find a 'cool looking' radio for
my sweetie for Christmas.  Now, I know I have zillions of radios
in my shack and collection, but none of them are 'lookers' - I
don't have any that I don't use or intend to use, or are otherwise
just for function.

So I'd like to find some old little boatanchor (!) to put under the
tree.  She has commented many times on how she would like
to have one for her house just to look at.  Of course, it has nothing
to do with the W5YI Tech/Novice course I have already purchased
for her :-)

Ideas?  There used to be some neat looking mobile radios from
the late 50's but I dont' recall the names.  Anyone have something
neat for sale?  Does NOT have to work!  Or if it has a separate
power supply you can keep that too.  Picture something that would
sit nicely on a shelf in a bookish sorta room.

Ideas?  Email me if you have suggestions or candidates with price.

Many thanks,

Dave WB7AWK - ps - go there, click on 'Personal Notes' then
to the last link on that section and you'll see my sweetie, should ya want
to :-)
Been together, more or less, for 19 years.

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