Girlfriend radio: Hallicrafters S-38A ! Any for sale? dave at BOATANCHORS.COM
Fri Nov 12 14:20:36 EST 1999

> Odd request here, but I want to find a 'cool looking' radio for
> my sweetie for Christmas.

Hello again all,

Thanks for ALL the replies!  Wow! Lots of good ideas.  But sorry
to say she will NOT find a 75A4 under the tree!

I don't know why I didn't think of it first, but a bunch of folks
suggested a nice S-38A or B.  Good idea!  They look neat,
have the half-moon dials, black wrinkle finish, and they
do broadcast band.

Soooo.... does anyone have a nice looking (remember - it's a gift!)
S38, S38A, or S38B with black finish, preferably in working
condition for a reasonable price?

And with any luck, she will have her ticket by spring, and then I'll
start on her with CW  :-)

Take care, and thanks again!


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