Girlfriend radio: Stuff I have to trade.... dave at BOATANCHORS.COM
Fri Nov 12 15:34:46 EST 1999

Sorry to bug everyone again,

But I forgot to mention I have lots of trading goodies for
such a beast, too.  Here's some trading ideas:

1. EV-664 - not collector, but works and looks decent
2. Shure 444 in good shape, wired for Drake
3. Shure 522 - looks sorta CBish, but decent
4. A SLEW of test equipment - go to and
     then click on 'Test Equipment' for the photos
5. Drake 'High Patch' phone patch with a slight panel mod
6. 1930's era dual dial receiver - homebrew, perhaps from a Pilot kit,
     less tubes, and has some flaws.  If interested,  I have photos and
    can email them to you with more desrcription.
7. Pair of 6146A pulls that test good
8. Realistic 10 channel handheld programmable scanner - works great
9. Fair front panel from a DX-100, some light scratches but has original
    black Heathkit logo

And of course, combinations of the above are what I'm thinking. Let's talk!

I have lots of stuff but I can't get to much of it very easily, as it's in
storage.  But if you have a decent S38 and have a need, lets talk!

Again, I'm hunting a NICE LOOKING and preferably working S-38,
S-38A, or S38B with black wrinkle finish for a Christmas gift.
(OR OTHER attractive, similarly valued receiver of similar type)

Now I PROMISE - no more posts about this.  :-)


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