Girlfriend radio: Hallicrafters S-38A ! Any for sale?

Christian Fandt cfandt at NETSYNC.NET
Fri Nov 12 16:30:01 EST 1999

Upon the date 02:47 PM 11/12/99 -0500, Matt Stutterheim said something like:
>Before you spring for an S-38 or any other AC-DC radio, remenber they have a
>"hot" chassis if plugged in backwards (in those days the power plugs were not
>Might I suggest a transformer powered radio instead? Or use of an isolation
>transformer. Just in case she uses it it the kitchen or bath, and touches a
>grounded pipe.

Hmm, good point Matt. Maybe a little instruction and perhaps a simple
experiment by Dave could illustrate your point well. It's simply done by
setting the radio on the kitchen counter and using one of those pocket neon
light AC voltage testers between the chassis and the faucet (or the
stainless steel countertop like in our kitchen). If it is a SS counter, set
the radio on some newspapers or somesuch before plugging-in just in case
the rubber foot mounting screws extend just a bit too far [ga-zzzorp!] :-).
Check the condx of the AC linecord. If it has been replaced recently it may
already have a polarized plug (check for sure it's wired correctly!). If
it's old and looks ready to be replaced then this would be an opportunity
to install a polarized plug on the new wire. I try to do that when I
restore an AC/DC radio of any sort. If the cord is original and perfect
looking then the purist in me says leave it be and make darn sure there's a
simple mark on the plug blade which indicates it's supposed to be the wide one.

Good choice for a beginner's radio Dave!  An S-38C was my very first
multiband radio given to me by my dad when I was around ten or eleven back
in the early 60's. Had _many_ hours of fun DXing interesting SW stations
and hearing CW. I still have it as a central part of my boatanchor collection.

Regards,  Chris
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