Johnson Receiver and National Transmitter

Hue Miller kargokult at PROAXIS.COM
Mon Nov 15 16:49:41 EST 1999

You c a n email the seller to point out obvious mistatements. I have done
this numerous times. It is fair to say however, that the BS more often
than not, is n o t corrected. ( Someone who declares "secret spy radio"
is, however, likely to be too mendacious or stupid to regard your input. )

You can also complain to the auction company if you feel that it's plain
dishonesty. And you can also contact bidders.
I contacted the high bidder in one auction for a WW2 item and told him
he shouldn't get frenzied over some poor condition overhyped pile of
sh*t, this really wasn't the "only remaining example" and if he waited
he would be able to spend some more and have something he could be proud
of and would actually be able to resell later, if he wanted to, without
losing money. I was happy to see that he dropped out of the bidding war
and the item sold for much less than it was trending toward. Victory
over horsesh*t !
I read a few months back that some company was developing something like
an instant mail or chatroom for regrarders of an auction item, you just
click some little icon and instantly you go to a running dialogue of
comments on the item and its auction. I haven't seen or heard any more
on this but it seems like a fine idea.
regards, Hue Miller
"This was Goebbel's private radio, until it was captured by the Secret
Service. The serial number is low, so this is the only one remaining
anywhere. Should be in a museum. Only one I have seen in my 30 days
of collecting. If you're a serious collector, this should be in
your collection".

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