George Maier gmaier at ULTRANET.COM
Tue Nov 16 14:13:13 EST 1999

Hey Dick:
This one way filter thing is terriffic....  If I put one in my transmission
line, I never have to worry about standing waves again, 'cause nothing will
ever be reflected back to my transmitter.  Unless I get in there
George - K1GXT

"Richard E. Robinson" wrote:

> Wayne Galvin writes;
> >Now wait a minute guys. This has gone far enough. Audiophiles fueled and
> >are responsible for the vast improvements in the quality of home audio
> Well said!  Audiophiles have even discovered an answer to the age old
> question of how do you make electrons flow in one direction.
> Are you as curious as I am?  Let's check out this site from Great Britain,
> hotbed of audiophile activity and see how it's done.
> The "Unidirectional Filter" is near the bottom of the page.  Save your
> tuppence boys and girls.
> 73,
> Rick kf4ar

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