George Maier gmaier at ULTRANET.COM
Tue Nov 16 15:31:03 EST 1999

Geez're confusing phile-speak with real world stuff.  You must have
seen that photo....
a little itty bity thing about half the size of a good cigar works at audio
frequencies.  No need for that big pile of ferromagnetic hoopla that we used to
think was necessary !!!!
George - K1GXT

Don Buska wrote:

> On Tue, 16 Nov 1999 11:13:13 -0800, George Maier wrote:
> >Hey Dick:
> >This one way filter thing is terriffic....  If I put one in my transmission
> >line, I never have to worry about standing waves again, 'cause nothing will
> >ever be reflected back to my transmitter.  Unless I get in there
> >backwards.....
> >George - K1GXT
> Hey ain't they called isolators.  Although, for high power HF I'd assume they
> would be a might bit bigger than the ones they use in cell phones ;)
> 73
> Don N9OO

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