Tom hoitenga at ATL.BELLSOUTH.NET
Wed Nov 17 08:53:32 EST 1999

Jerry Seligman wrote:
> Those rip-off phony dummy load antennas were NEVER advertised in QST
> Magazine. The ARRL Technical Department reviews all QST ads. The League
> did, however, run an expose by forcing one open to show it was a fake.
> Please keep your facts straight before making derogatory remarks that
> some of the newer hams might believe. Jerry W7BUN

Actually, they went one step further:  the components were
sealed in a type of sealant so that they could not be
observed.  The ARRL staff took the unit to a location to
have it x-rayed....and they published a picture of the
x-ray image and a result of their measurements.....that
really impressed me at the time it occurred.

Meanwhile, other manufacturers had REAL matchers on the market
that were legitimate (e.g. Amp Supply's AIM-1, one by B&W, etc)
and they also took "the hit" from sales because of this fiasco.

                                Tom K8NGV

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