Oregon BA haunts...

Larry Wolken rhys at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Nov 18 04:05:53 EST 1999

Hi Gang --

Wanted to do a quick report on my trip to Portland, OR.  There were several
suggestions from list members for places to visit while I was out there and
I did not have a chance to visit them all.

The bad news:  Wackie Willy's was a waste (both locations).  Not much here
in the BA dept.  If you're looking for gag gifts or industrial waste cast
off's you might want to stop by but otherwise not much here.

The good news:  R/5 D/3 in the south end of town was awsome.  Bob and Diane
Lee have a constantly changing inventory of BA's, test gear, tubes, and
vintage comm books.  The stock moves so quickly that if you're there for
more than a week you might want to stop by twice.  The clutter level is
just right for my money and Bob is more than willing to engage
conversations in a wide variety of topics.

When I was there, I'd just missed a large estate and there were still some
small Halli and National pieces -- also lots of Heath test gear.  In his
book alcove I found a copy of "Two Hundred Meters and Down" , a classic
ARRL pub from 1936 detailing the history of radio from the spark days.
It's a great read.


R/5 D/3 (listed in the phone book as R5D3)
6111  S.E. 82nd (no parking in front - park around the corner)
Portland Or 97266
(503) 774-6560

Thanks for all the help from the list in locating this fine establishment.
Keep up the good work, guys.

73 Larry N3OJD

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