Follow-Up WTB Heathkit MP-1/HP-10/HP-20j

Rob Dunn dunnr at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Nov 18 21:24:23 EST 1999

Sorry to send this again but found out that I could also use the Heathkit
HP-10 or the HP-20 (prefered as it is AC vice mobile) as will as the MP-1.
Also any other supply that can provide the following voltages:

300 VDC, 225 mA
500-600 VDC, 150 mA
6.3 VDC or VAC  at 8 A or 12.6 VDC or VAC at 4 A


Hi All,

Today, on my way back to work from lunch, I found the Heathkit MR-1/MT-1
Commanche/Cheyenne Mobile Receiver/Transmitter pair at my local Goodwill for
$50 and couldn't leave a boatanchor abandoned to the "As Is" junk room.
They are not museum pieces by any means, the plastic tuning scale tubes on
both have the same typical cracking on the ends that I have on my RX-1
Mohawk and the cases/panels are marked and dirty.  Still, the aluminium
knobs are all there and other then some strange toggle switch mounted off to
one side (restorable) the seem intact.  Besides all boatanchors (especially
AM boatanchors) deserve a home and these now have one.

Only problem is that the MP-1 common power supply for both the recevier and
transmitter is missing.  Anybody out there have an MP-1 that is orphaned and
gathering dust and could be placed back into service or some alternate
supply that provides 300 and 600 volts plus filiment voltage.  Only a 75W
rig so should need too much current (I don't have manuals to determine power


Rob Dunn

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