Rcv'd 'new' Drake 2A today--WOW!!

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Fri Nov 19 00:45:43 EST 1999

The Drake 2A arrived today in fine shape. Boy am I happy. I needed a rig to
be able to listen to ssb xmissions in wide bandwidth and this really fits it
perfectly. I am amazed at how good the rcvr is. Very very sensitive. Appears
to be every bit as sensitive as the TS-930S. And to be able to listen to ssb
in the wide mode of 4.8khz is wonderful.

Any known mods out there?

Also, recommendations on how to switch the ant so I can either receive on
the 930 or the 2A with automatic muting on the 2A when xmitting on the 930?
I got the muting part down but still looking at auto selection of receiving
on the 930 or 2A with the same antenna without having to unhook stuff.

Would also like to hear from other 2A owners and what they like and dislike
abt the rcvr. Incredible sensitivity!!

San Diego

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