Rcv'd 'new' Drake 2A today--WOW!!

Edward Swynar VE3 CUI gswynar at DURHAM.NET
Fri Nov 19 06:23:05 EST 1999

Hi Lane...

I just HAD to smile when I read your note re. the new receiver...spoken
like a *TRUE* Ham: "...the receiver works great---any known mods out
there...?" Hi Hi.

The Amateur spirit of "...tinkerers & experimenters" lives on! (I know---I
have a pet SB-301 that I absolutely love, but can't resist the temptation
to "...make it better" Hi Hi)...

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

> From: Lane Zeitler <Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET>
> Subject: Rcv'd 'new' Drake 2A today--WOW!!
> Date: November 19, 1999 12:45 AM
> Gents,
> The Drake 2A arrived today in fine shape. Boy am I happy. I needed a rig
> be able to listen to ssb xmissions in wide bandwidth and this really fits
> perfectly. I am amazed at how good the rcvr is. Very very sensitive.
> to be every bit as sensitive as the TS-930S. And to be able to listen to
> in the wide mode of 4.8khz is wonderful.
> Any known mods out there?
> Also, recommendations on how to switch the ant so I can either receive on
> the 930 or the 2A with automatic muting on the 2A when xmitting on the
> I got the muting part down but still looking at auto selection of
> on the 930 or 2A with the same antenna without having to unhook stuff.
> Would also like to hear from other 2A owners and what they like and
> abt the rcvr. Incredible sensitivity!!
> Lane
> Ku7i
> San Diego

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