URM 25 D Signal Generators For Sale

Michael Crestohl mc at SOVER.NET
Sun Nov 21 07:35:29 EST 1999

Hey Lorne:

I thought people were supposed to LOWER prices when you can't sell
something, not increase them.  If you can't get $100.00 each for the signal
generators what makes you think you will get $155.00? Do you know something
I don't about this???

Maybe you do things differently in Canada!!!  I see you know what US
Dollars are though.  Is that what you call "Free Trade"?

Actually the URM-25D is a fine business piece of Boatanchor test equipment
and I'm surprised that you didn't sell them.  But still.........

Hmmmmmmm......I just don't know!!!!

Still shaking my head in amazement,

Michael Crestohl,

Co-host of the Real Radio Show,
every Saturday Night at 7:30 EST (Sunday 0030Z) on
WBCQ - The Planet 7,415 Kilocycles

At 8:28 AM 11/12/1999 -0800 you wrote:
 >For Sale (2) URM 25D signal generators in good operating condition. They
 >have covers and most of the accessories and include a copy of the manual.
 >$100 US plus UPS.
 >Thanks es 73 Lorne VE7BOX.

At 10:50 AM 11/12/1999 -0800 you wrote:
 >The URM25 signal generators I listed earlier should be $100 US Each plus UPS
 >and not $100 for the pair. Sorry for the confusion.
 >Thanks es 73 Lorne Ve7box.

At 10:16 PM 11/20/1999 -0800, you wrote:
 >I have two URM25D's signal generators for sale. Complete with covers, copy
 >of the manual(1) and most of the attachments. These are 100  % working
 >order. $155 US each. This includes shipping to the lower 48. (UPS)
 >Tnx es 73 Lorne VE7BOX


Michael Crestohl
mc at sover.net

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