URM 25 D Signal Generators For Sale

Sun Nov 21 11:45:02 EST 1999

Mike, Jack.
If you are going to flame people get your facts in line.
A private email to myself would have clarified the situation nicely rather
than cluttering up the reflector with your misguided views.
I previously listed these generators for $100 PLUS UPS shipping. Several
people wanted the generator until they found the shipping, in most cases
$50 or $60. At this point they would pass as it was obvious it was more than
they anticipated.
In order to have everything up front I listed  these units for $155 freight
prepaid. That is really no different than my origional ad. I may get $100
for the generator. UPS will get the rest. The price has not gone up.
This is obvious if you READ the ad.

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