Dee Almquist soundnmind at RICA.NET
Sun Nov 21 23:10:08 EST 1999

Hi Fellow AM;ers
I have now checked out this modulator deck out of a WRL 400B transm. After a
complete bath (month ago) & now last nite I powered up driver thru output
(into 6000ohm big resistor), all transformers are working ok. The big
question was the mod iron. Put out over 100 watts audio with 811As.  I have
the documentation on this deck & I have tubes available for extra (811As,
etc.) The chassis needs complete refurb, resistors, caps & all. Also it
needs refinishing, looks rough. Water damage is not really an issue here.
Been in damp basement but worst problem is paint peel top of chassis & paint
on panel looks bad. I dont want to ship this chassis, its heavy. But can be
done if you want to pay the packing & shipping. Looking for working Ranger-1
in trade. No junk! I refurb panels & cabs as you know so it doesnt have to
be pretty, just no big holes in panel. Or I will trade for ??? or "green".
Let me know if you have any questions...
73 es Dee

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