6KG6A/EL509 Substitute for 8950 Tube?

Dexter Francis cwest at XMISSION.COM
Wed Nov 24 14:27:05 EST 1999

The 6KG6 has a 9RJ base, as do the 21KA6, 29KQ6, 29LE6 AND 40KG6A.

The tube substitution databooks are quite strict about pin for pin
compatibility, down to which pins are NC (not connected) and IC (internally
connected). It is often possible to find a very similar workable pin
configuration if you know the schematic hookup of the amp.


DavidC wrote:

> I am looking at an amp that runs one 8950 driving three
> other 8950's.
> I know that the 8950 tubes are priced out of sight but am
> told that with a filament change from 12v to 6.3v the Svetlana
> 6KG6A/EL509 is a direct replacement.  True?
> If more than the filament voltage needs to be changed, what are
> the other changes, please?
> What sort of average peak SSB output should I expect from such a
> design?  Not momentary whistle or shout-swing but solid voice output
> power?
> Any reason why converting this to 20 meters would be improbable?
> I understand there is room in the RF compartment for larger coils.
> Any recommendations as to how to instruct the seller to test the
> power transformers with a DVM?  He is willing to do so.  The internal
> power supply converts 12VDC to the necessary voltages.  They are
> designed for mobile use and thus fit my all-DC shack plans nicely.
> (I am actually getting three of these, hope to yoke two together with a
> splitter-combiner and use the third for spare parts.  I'm guessing 600
> watts SSB output on 20m from a pair.  Yes, I will use a good filter on the
> output!)
> I am also told that the 6KG6A/EL509 tubes run about $20. each,
> anyone have a better source if I buy 4 or 8 at a time?
> - Thanks! & 73, DavidC  K1YP
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