Tks for the tons of replies abt SX-117

Bob bmiller at CALWEB.COM
Wed Nov 24 22:36:34 EST 1999

Another comment.,

    I've had two SX-117s and the first one did not survive the degrubbing
procedures (got dirt and grim in the mica insulated caps in the IF
transformers and they never recovered.  Had to cob up fixed caps in place of
the compression mica caps and it just never did too well after that.  I
traded it off many years ago along with the companion HT-44.  Wished I'd
kept the transmitter as it worked fairly well given the alleged limitations
of the phasing method.
    A couple years ago I picked up another SX-117 and this time I accepted
the dust an modest grime and noted that the previous owner had installed a
fairly large muffin fan inside the unit (suspended from existing holes in
the lid).  It look kind of wierd, but I left it alone and to my surprise the
fan kept the rascal rock solid.  My previous SX117 did exhibit a bit of
drift, both short term and long term, but this one with the muffin fan just
sits there after 30 minutes and burbles along with the S Line stuff and
other allegedly superior receivers.  I realize this is a rather brute force
method, but to those with SX-117s with a bit of old age drift, it may be
worth trying.
    Bob, KE6F

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> So many replies are still coming in. Thank you all for the great info. Too
> many to reply to one on one.
> Lane
> Kui7i

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