Signal Shifter - help, please.

Sun Nov 28 22:30:17 EST 1999


     Following an excellent family Thanksgiving (number a bit down:
only 23 this year) I headed over to Evansville, IN, for the Saturday
hamfest.  Beautiful day, but not much "stuff."  I had mainly parts
and pieces (and sold a few), plus a Signal Shifter which received
a couple of curious looks but little else.  There was a beautiful
S-40A there (asking $100, did not sell) and a few surplus pieces
of test equipment - a few transceivers (TR-3's and TR-4's, a
couple of Swans) and that was pretty much all of the older stuff.
Bunch of computer pieces, of course -- now seeing computers go where
the BA's first went when the solid state stuff was coming out...

     Anyway, I brought the Signal Shifter home, and on the way
decided to lay the healing hands upon it.  Problem: "manual"
and schematic I have are for the most recent one, the one with
the turret-tuner band changing thingy <--(technical term).  So
if anyone can help me with info on the second variant of the
Signal Shifter (the one with the dial left blank for the owner
to mark the frequencies on; plug-in coils).  I have a set of
three coils installed and do not know for what frequency range
they are (any help on this?)

     And hope y'all have much to be thankful for.  I sure do!

     73,  Al  N5AIT
  modsteph at

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