Need original S38D info for Christmas gift... (Was S38E) dave at BOATANCHORS.COM
Mon Nov 29 13:14:17 EST 1999

Hello all,

I posted looking for info on the Hallicrafters S38E last week.
I was able to obtain an original magazine ad (I believe that's
what it is - it's been clipped out so has no border with the name
of the mag) and a couple jpegs of an S38E with a
happy novice at the controls that I printed out in color.

But alas, the radio has arrived and it's actually an S38D - not
an E model.  Rats.  Should have waited until I got the radio!
They look similar, but are definitely not the same.

Anyway, this is part of a Christmas gift for an early Christmas
(the 18th) for my sweetie, so I thought I'd throw out one more
request for ANY printed material showing the S38D - owners
manual (original preferred, copy ok), original magazine ad
showing the radio, ARRL handbook ad from a perhaps trashed
handbook that won't mind having a page stolen, novice photo
or links to any of the above.

Happy to pay reasonable costs plus postage.

Thanks to all.


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