Dee Almquist soundnmind at RICA.NET
Tue Nov 30 11:04:03 EST 1999

Hello fellow AM'rs
As you know I am refinishing Valiant-1 panels & cabs now. The first ones are
turning out very nice! I am very pleased with the regenerated art work /
Some of you are wanting to paint ur own cabinet, however, while I do the
panel , bezel & crystal knob. So here is the deal. I will be happy to do
that much for $210. + shipping. Its easier for me & saves you money.  Got
any questions? Ask me!!! The paint system I'm using is the same as comes on
new cars! I will have some pics that I can .jpg of the Valiant soon.
I have been doing the same arrangement for the Ranger-1 panel only set @
$195. + shipping. For some .jpg's for the Ranger check my home page.
Patty & Dee's Marina, collectors of electronic boatanchors. 534 W Main St.,
Waynesboro, Va. 22980 (540)249-3161 fax (540)249-5064

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