Estate Items FS

Wally Gibbons rockwall at SOURCEONEINTERNET.COM
Tue Nov 30 23:04:29 EST 1999

The following items are for sale from the estate of a local ham.

No manual unless otherwise stated.
Shipping not included on any items unless stated.
I've tried to be fair to the estate and priced items
at what I believed they are worth. If I'm
way off base, I'm willing to discuss and optimize.

Heathkit Items:

V7-A VTVM with leads. Nicely put together. A small amount of corrosion
on C cell contact spring. Excellent condition. $20.00

Marauder SSB transmitter. Non-Heath cabinet. Fan added over PA stage.
Dial cord broken/missing. All crystals/tubes/knobs present. Dirty inside

but will clean nicely. $150.00

Eico Items:

Grid dip meter Model 710. Two units, one missing power cord, other
has been converted to FET/battery operation. Have all coils, nice metal
storage box. Can make one good one from the pair. $40.00

Model 315 RF generator. 75khz to 150mhz. Good condition. Works.
With W7FG manual copy. $20.00

Hewlett Packard Model 5212A Frequency Counter. Works. Range unknown.
I ran it to 5 mhz. Dusty. $25.00

Calrad Model 65-288 Field strength meter. $10.00

Millen Grid dip meter Model 90651. Have all coils, spare tube, manual,
nice small wood carry/storage case. Very good condition. $150.00

Wilcox Electric Co. CW-3 crystal controlled hf receiver. Rack mount.
Uses 6K7, 6K8, 6SN7, 80 etc.
Covers 13-25 meters, missing one tube shield and crystal socket cover.
Very good physical condition, untested. $30.00

Two Watterman Primer Scopes, model Mark 1. Small general purpose
oscilloscope. 2-3 inch CRT, 150khz vertical bandwidth. Can run x/y,
for tuning indicators, general purpose signal watching, etc.
I plugged em in and they get a nice trace. Showed sweep and vertical
deflection. $20 each

Knight Kit KG-650 RF generator, 160khz to 112mhz. Nice, works. $20.00

National NPW-3 Precision Condenser in original box. Three section,
per section. New never used, some slight rust on the knob shaft. Very
heck of a gear box for a variable capacitor. $75.00

Miscellaneous parts/tubes:

Stancor (I think) Isolation transformer. Bad input cord, a little rusty,

has switch to run output at 105/125 volts beside 115 one to one setting.


Two Hy-Gain ROTO-BRAKE rotors. No control boxes found. One has cover and

about 100 feet of heavy cable on it. Heavy, bulky. Yours for shipping
$20.00 for my time to box them up and take to USPS.

Four used 6146, one is an A. $20.00

One box of FT-241 crystals, 21 crystals. 6 have larger pins and are
for DC-30. $10.00

Two "bakers dozen" lots of FT-243 crystals, some labeled for BC-1335,
some BC-1000. Most are in the 5 mhz range, a few 80 meter, one 160 meter

frequencies. $20.00/13 crystals, shipped.

One box of HC-6 crystals, Mostly ~9 mhz, ~10 mhz, ~6 mhz frequencies.
Some other frequencies too. LOTS of crystals. $20.00 shipped.

The following tubes I've checked on my I-177B, they test fine. Prices
include shipping:
Two RCA 811A, look new, in RCA boxes. $30.00 each.
One RCA 811, used, $20.00
One RCA 809, used, $30.00

A box of high voltage "brick" mica condensors, various values,
various voltages, various sizes. If you have wants, let me know and I'll

check if I have it. $5.00 for the first one, $2.00 each additional,

Brown heavy duty eggshell antenna insulators. About 2 inches square, 3
inches long. $2.00 each, 31 available.

That's all, that ought to be enough!!

Wally Gibbons
rockwall at
North Logan, Utah

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