Hue Miller kargokult at PROAXIS.COM
Sun Oct 3 19:52:17 EDT 1999

At 08:14 PM 10/3/99 +0100, Steve Harrison wrote:
>Not just the "last couple of years", it seems to have begun in 1994, and as
>I heard it, was a policy first established by Clinton's State Department
>toadies, which was then adopted by other govmint agencies. And yes, the
>rationale was to keep the equipment out of the hands of "terrorists".

--this seems to be a kneejerk reaction to bad press over selling with alacrity
actual usable hitech weapons components to all sorts of comers, smugglers,
enemy countries, crooks, special friends of guvmint employees, etc. etc.
Easier to smash it all: don't have to think!

>I'd like to see someone sue the govmint for destroying taxpayer property.
>The govmint sues taxpayers for destroying govmint property; why not turn
>the shoe around?

--that sounds like the approach. There really are some advantages to the
"litigious society" !!

>worse even than ambulance chaser lawyers;

--but we don't want to be down on all lawyers. After all, were going to need
some, to take on the mighty stumbling cyclops that is the Government.

Hue Miller

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