Free Globe Scout transmitter for parts

Jeffrey Herman jeffreyh at HAWAII.EDU
Sat Oct 9 15:37:19 EDT 1999

First one to respond gets the transmitter!

73, Jeff KH6O

On Wed, 6 Oct 1999, Jeffrey Herman wrote:

> Hi Gang,
> Please read the following very carefully:
> I have a WRL Globe Scout transmitter, model 65A (160-10m) which I will
> give away for the cost of shipping. This xmtr was heavily modified by
> the previous owner(s); the transformer is not stock; some of the tubes
> are not stock. It's a real nightmare (to me). I had hopes of dismantling
> it back to kit form and rebuilding it to it's stock condition. I have
> a photocopy of the original assembly manual. I dismantled most of the
> components, then lost interest in this project!
> So here's the deal: On Saturday, at some hour known only to me, I
> will repost the above subject line; the first person to respond
> within one hour of THEIR arrival timestamp will get the rig (and
> parts) for just the cost of shipping (28 pounds boxed, I believe).
> I believe this is a fair way of accounting for differences in how
> a given message propagates over the various servers. This means that
> when you respond, include the full header of my Saturday post so I
> can see the arrival timestamp, and compare it with your turn-around
> time.
> This offer is open to just ConUS hams.
> 73, Jeff KH6O

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