Trying to find a Conar 500 for sale....

Sun Oct 10 13:55:17 EDT 1999

Hello all,

Does anyone have a Conar 500 receiver they would like to sell?  I have
the matching transmitter and would LOVE to put the twins on the air
for wintertime 40 CW.  I drooled over those little twins when I was a
kid, but there was no way to buy them without taking the NRI course.

The eBay crowd, as usual, has run the price up on the things to over $80,
and while I suppose that's not too out of line, I was hoping to get one for
less, say around $50 or so.  They aren't rare, they aren't very good, and
considering one can buy a Drake 2C for $125, I would think $50 to be a
good starting point.  I bailed out of the eBay fracas on the one that's
there at $76 and rising.

So.... anyone have a Conar 500 they want to part with to be put on the
air?  It will sit next to a pretty little Conar 400 transmitter and be a
rig at my shack.  I would be happy to work around the $50ish price range.
I think that's what I paid for the transmitter.

Email me with price and other info if you have one to sell....

Thanks to all,

Dave WB7AWK (Conar 400 transmitter shown there under 'new

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