T.O 31R2-4-18-16WC-1 SP-600 Workcards

W2OKF szachara at GULFTEL.COM
Tue Oct 12 23:59:58 EDT 1999

Good evening, gentlemen...

The Preventive Maintenance Workcard project for the KWM2-A, 30L-1 and 30S-1
is now drawing to an end.  It was a useful exercise, and, with the
exception of a scant few, everyone who responded positively in the early
stages did get a set of the cards.  I was able to recover expenses and I
hope everyone is happy with the final product.

I now have the Preventive Maintenance Procedure workcards for the
SP-600-JX-17 and JX-21 just about ready to go.  This is a large deck
approximately 2 1/2 times the size of the previous deck.  However, with the
experience gained on the previous project, and the fact that the paper is
one color (white), I can hold the delta increase in price to paper and
toner costs only...Also, since the deck is over 1 1/2 inches thick, it may
be difficult to bind it using the Plastic Coil method.  For now, I will
only be offering (1) the original, reproduction binding method of two holes
in the left margin held together by loose leaf rings (which will be
supplied) or (2) No holes or binding for those who wish to laminate the
cards.  I will try and get some large plastic coils and let the group know
how it turns out with a deck this thick.

The price of the cards for the SP-600-JX-17 and JX-21 will be $27.00 which
will include CONUS Priority Mail shipping.  Global Priority Mail service
will be available for $5.00 more (I can't get this one in the small

You may reserve your copy by dropping me an e-mail and sending a check or
money order for $27.00 to:

Walter S. Szachara, W2OKF
8541 Bay View Drive
Foley, AL  36535-9010

Thanks for your support!


Walt, W2OKF

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