cleaning relay contacts

Jan Skirrow dma at ISLANDNET.COM
Wed Oct 13 12:25:05 EDT 1999

At 08:29 PM 10/12/99 -0700, Lane Zeitler Ku7i wrote:
>What is the stuff to use when cleaning relay contacts?
>Lane Zeitler
>San Diego

Hi Lane ...

Depends. If they just need cleaning, a shot of Deoxit will do. There are
lots of things like Deoxit around, but I've found it to be phenomenally

But relays often have some pitting on the contacts, and this should be
dealt with for reliable operation. I have small thin burnishing file that
was designed for the purpose. It slides between the contacts and with some
patience you can smooth the contact surfaces. It has an extremely fine grit
- so fine you might think it was a piece of smooth metal. These things used
to be found in auto repair stores, as they were used to clean up the points
in the distributor. I think mine came from Sears.

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