Fwd: Collins Broadcast Consoles FS

Bob Peters soundimp at POBOX.COM
Thu Oct 14 18:50:21 EDT 1999

I have two Collins 212G-1 broadcast consoles with an assortment of 356A-1
preamp modules, 409X-2 power supplies and 274K-1 relay units that I want
to pass along. Both could be restorable, one with little more than a
repaint and the other with a repaint and more work. I have a nice 212F-1
which I plan to keep for studio use so there is just no sense in taking up

The 212G-1 is a late 1950s to mid 1960s tube-type console with up to 6 low
level inputs, two medium level inputs and one net/remote channel. I do not
have any extra program/monitor amps however but I do have an original

Way more than one needs for amateur use but much less of a hog than some
ofCollins' larger consoles. Because of their weight and size, it will have to
be pick up only in Dallas.
These pieces are offered as a package deal as parts from one will help
restore the other. What's left could be offered by the restorer to others
looking for parts.

Package price is $400 (firm).

If you are seriously interested, let me know and we'll get together via
e-mail. Again, both need what I would call  work but you could
really have a beautiful, functional piece in the end with little
additional cash outlay. They are not making these anymore and what few are
out there are very hard to find (trust me on this one).

Bob Peters  K1JNN/5

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