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J. Douglas Hensley nfmk at JUNO.COM
Sat Oct 16 00:27:36 EDT 1999

I understand this equipment is sold.  If the buyer looses interest or
cares to divide up the package, please get in touch.


On Thu, 14 Oct 1999 17:50:21 -0500 Bob Peters <soundimp at POBOX.COM>
>I have two Collins 212G-1 broadcast consoles with an assortment of
>preamp modules, 409X-2 power supplies and 274K-1 relay units that I
>to pass along. Both could be restorable, one with little more than a
>repaint and the other with a repaint and more work. I have a nice
>which I plan to keep for studio use so there is just no sense in
>taking up
>The 212G-1 is a late 1950s to mid 1960s tube-type console with up to 6
>level inputs, two medium level inputs and one net/remote channel. I do
>have any extra program/monitor amps however but I do have an original
>Way more than one needs for amateur use but much less of a hog than
>ofCollins' larger consoles. Because of their weight and size, it will
>be pick up only in Dallas.
>These pieces are offered as a package deal as parts from one will help
>restore the other. What's left could be offered by the restorer to
>looking for parts.
>Package price is $400 (firm).
>If you are seriously interested, let me know and we'll get together
>e-mail. Again, both need what I would call  work but you could
>really have a beautiful, functional piece in the end with little
>additional cash outlay. They are not making these anymore and what few
>out there are very hard to find (trust me on this one).
>Bob Peters  K1JNN/5
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