Paper tidbits #2

Hue Miller kargokult at PROAXIS.COM
Sun Oct 17 17:56:57 EDT 1999

Here are more items i came accross that should go to other homes:

The New RTTY Handbook, Cowan Publishing 1962, sc, condx not perfect but
pretty good, lots photos, $3 should cover postage

Radio Amateur's License Manual 1956, some ads in rear, $1.00 postage

Meshna Surplus catalogs, 4 from about 1987 (very little radio surplus.
perhaps you have the same preservationist instinct as I but a little
more room.) $1.00 postage

GE Ham News 4 copies 1950s-60s

RCA Ham Tips 2 copies

Learavian 3-band portable radio brochure

RCA Marine Dept. Vacuum Tube Service Record, 2 tags, unused. Log your vessel
name, tube type, and hours used on each voyage, and place near transmit tube
in your vacuum tube display. I was told that RMCA first leased the equipment
- not sold it - to shipping companies - maybe these relate to that? Else
why log hours?

Ionispheric Radio Propagation, US Dept of Commerce NBS 1965. Heavy HC,
probably $5 postage should do it.

CQ August 1945 (but practically no content of interest )

Dye marker and headstrapped flashlite bulb for Gibson Girl liferaft

Hallicrafter WR-4000  am/fm/sw radio operation (only) booklet

National Receivers brochure 2 pages, 1941?

QSL card, for " 7YC  Seattle YMCA School of Radiotelegraphy" new, no entries
pre W,K system

USN vacuum tube delivery card for type 838. June 1942. Fill out and mail in
to register receipt of tube, or just keep with your tube collection

Ameco Conelrad Monitor CD-1 instructions - 1 page, no schematic

BC-639 Receiver - Bendix manual WW2 vhf receiver $6.00

QRM newsletter of Puget Sound Radio Clubs 1949, 2 issues, just gossip

Tower Sales and Erecting CO. letter of Jan 1941, re company's offering to
quote prices, mentions built towers for several named WA and OR stations-
of interest to broadcasting collector?

Items unpriced are free, i pay postage. If interested you must include
Pmail address in first note.
thanks, Hue Miller

H Miller #204
1555 Waverly SE
Albany OR 97321

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