Burned by Mike Kirby, K4VFY?

Katz, Gene S gene.s.katz at LMCO.COM
Thu Oct 21 08:55:55 EDT 1999

no, he moved and changed phone numbers. I have his work number, he
owns/owned a PetFood Warehouse in So.Cal, but he never responds. He strung
me out for over a year with different excuses and outright lies, ranging
from tax audits, divorce, bankruptcy, fire, floods, locusts, frogs, boils,
etc. just beware of this guy. we had arranged a swap and I sent mine and he
always promised his was going out that day, etc. The old number I had was
(818) 891-8079 in Granada Hills, CALIF. His work was (818) 891-7230 or 0172.
We had exchanged photos of our radios and did our deal via telecon. Beware
of Harvey Nell!!
73 de Gene Katz KC6BLD

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