Sam Timberlake KF4TXQ stimber at LAKEMARTIN.NET
Sat Oct 23 11:47:08 EDT 1999

FOR TRADE/SALE:  B&W LPA-1, with metered 2.5KV power supply and cables

"THE B&W KILOWATT"    BARKER & WILLIAMSON LPA-1 Linear Amplifier 80-10M.
Rare amp matches the B&W 6100, and uses a pair of 813's in grounded grid.
This amp is designed to deliver a KW+ when driven by transmitters of 100
watts or more(no input attenuator needed). It will put out a big signal.

A standby/operate switch has been added for bypass or amplified operation.
It uses standard SO-239 RF in/out connectors, and an RCA phono keying jack.
Very easy to hook up and use, it runs cool and quiet. It will work well
with most any rig, including imported tranceivers. Best results will be
obtained with a Pi Network output(or by using an antenna tuner between your
no-tune rig and the B&W Kilowatt). The cabinet is about the size of a B&W
6100, HT-32/37, EFJ Viking, etc. The 2.5 KV desk/floor power supply runs
on 115 AC. You can really put some fire in the wire with this amp! If you
ever need to, you can afford to buy 813's. They are plentiful and tough.

So, what HF stuff have you to trade? Old black Collins, Drake,
Hallicrafters, Hammarlund, National, TMC, Ten Tec, military rackmount gear,
antenna tuners? Even old Yaesu 101 series stuff?

Thanks & 73s,
Sam Timberlake KF4TXQ       tel. (256) 825-7305
Dadeville, AL 36853-0161    stimber at lakemartin.net

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