Anyone lose this?

Sat Oct 30 10:03:51 EDT 1999

Good morning, gang,

     Received in the mail a letter from brother Ben K9KOM,
with this note:
        "I found this in a copying machine at Kinko's
  today.  I wish I had met the guy who left it there..."

     Enclosed was a page from a Rider publication, page
8-12 HALLICRAFTERS.  It was to and bottom view of  "Model
SX16, Super Sky Rider 1938," and had the R.F. Alignment
instructions/table on it. Interesting to note is the range
of the receiver: 600 t0 60,000 KC...

     So if you left such a page in a copier in Kinko's
(probably Chicago area where Ben lives - although he is on
the road a lot), let me know and I can mail it to you.

     Like Ben, I'd like to meet the guy who lost it...  Ben,
btw, has a decent BA collection, including a Millen xmtr (the
90801, I think - with the 6146), a B&W 5100... and a GPR-90.

     73,  Al  N5AIT
   modsteph at

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