Command Set Markings; New Information?

David Stinson arc5 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Sep 3 10:23:13 EDT 1999

(Copied to the lists in hopes someone might have some
 new or better information concerning some of the
 markings on Command Set transmitters.  D.S.)

A kind gentleman asked:

>I picked up an ARC transmitter labeled T-18/ARC-5 ...
>There are two other smaller numbers on this plate left
> to right and in relief it says "NOs-74912"
This is the Navy contract number under which
this radio was ordered.

>... stamped on the plate in small numerals "3956"...
Serial number.

>  On the back,.... ink stamped on the left...
> it says,"ARC #9308, (new line) 2.1 - 3 MC.,
> (new line) 10-43."
> On the right,"  RELEASED,
> (new line) 2-43," and below that
> a small... U.S. Navy insignia, an
> anchor with a "U" and an "S" on either side of it....

> "ARC #9308..."
The Aircraft Radio Corp part number for this transmitter.

>(new line) 2.1 - 3 MC....
Frequency Range

Maker's mark.

Now we're in "gray" territory.
I've never been able to find verifiable information
about these dates; only verbal accounts of them.
The majority of these testimonies say that the earlier
"Release" date (2-43) documented the date on which
the units were completed and released to the quality inspectors.
The Navy anchor is a quality inspection stamp.

The "Maker's Mark" stamp (10-43) reportedly documented
when the builders received them back and actually entered
them into inventory for sale and shipment.

If anyone else has any information about these dates,
please email me.

Point of interest:
Although the AN/ARC-5 was supposed to be one of the
earliest "Joint Army/Navy" use sets, I have seen
only one AN/ARC-5 transmitter with both Navy and
Signal Corps inspection stamps and I'm suspicious
of that one ;-).

TNX OM ES 73 DE Dave Stinson AB5S

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