Military Test AN/USM-324

Lane Zeitler zeitler at IBM.NET
Mon Sep 6 22:56:37 EDT 1999

I have the following pieces that together make up the military AN/USM-324
Spectrum Analyzer Set. The USM-324 is used to set up, monitor, and adjust
SSB xmissions.

Signal Generator SG-864/U
Static Frequency Converter CV-2633/U
Spectrum Analyzer TS-2884/U
Radio Frequency Tuning Unit TN-523/U

Here are the specs of the USM-324:

Freq Range: 10hz to 40mhz
Fixed Sweep Widths: 150hz, 500 hz, 3.5khz, 7.0khz, and 14 khz.
Variable Sweep Widths: 0 to 100 khz
Sweep Rates: 1.0 hz for preset widths of 3.5 khz and above. Sweep rate is
0.1 khz for preset sweep rates from 150hz to 3.5 khz
Hum and Noise Level: 60dB below fundamental
Intra-Unit Impedance: 50 ohms
Equipment Under Test Output Impedance: The spectrum analyzer set can match
600ohms balanced or unbalanced and 75 ohms unbalanced inputs below 2 mhz. 50
ohms nominal from 2 mhz to 40 mhz. I do not know if 160 would come in under
the wire here or not. High Z inputs operate from 2 to 40 mhz.

Cosmetic condx is excellent. Price for the package UNTESTED and sold AS-IS
is $350.00 plus UPS ground charges. The weight for the set is approx. 112
pounds shipped and boxed up. I will professionally pack all the pieces.

Please include your name, call, and zip code when replying. I have
references available on how I do my packing if you need a comfort level, hi.

All technical manuals for each piece are included and are in outstanding
condx. This equipment belonged to a DOD contractor who is now in a
retirement home. This gear is approximately circa 1969. As reported by the
previous owner it was all 100% operational but has not been verified since
picked up at his home. This is serious test equipment for the SSB op.
Granted it is rather old but with all the documentation that is included
should be realitively easy to align and troubleshoot if needed. All pieces
mount into a 19" rack which is NOT included. I believe this set was used on
shore based HF communication stations.

I figured that I would go through the stuff and get it all set up here in
the shack but I just do not have the time and I really do not have the need
for this type of test equipment (at least not right now).

73s and thanks for the read.

Lane Zeitler
San Diego

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