HRO 50 Plug-in

Bob Maser w6tr at MINDSPRING.COM
Tue Sep 7 21:28:01 EDT 1999

Can anyone tell me what I have found in a newly acquired HRO 50T.  It was plugged into the acessory socket of the radio and has a 6C4 sticking out the top of it.  It has one of those vertical phenolic tubes between the tube and the acessory socket and has resistors and caps mounted.  I don't think that it is a product detector, because I plugged it into my new HRO60 and switched to NBFM and all I heard was a lot of hum.  

The article from Electric Radio on product detectors for the NC 183(written by W6SKC) puts all the added components on a kluge beneath the acessory socket.  Since I have a 183D and a HRO60, I would like to find a product detector circuit that would merely plug into either radio's acessory socket.  Anyone out there have a circuit that would do that?

Thanks and 73

Bob   W6TR
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