Trade: URT-33 Bail-Out Beacons

David Stinson arc5 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Sep 9 00:56:01 EDT 1999

For Trade:
Five URT-33 Bail-Out Beacons.  These are the earlier
URT-33s, not the more common later "C" models.
Good condition.  Not "mint"- I don't own anything "mint."
They look like they've had average service.
You can see a .jpg photo of the best and the worst finishes at:

Two of them still have the lanyards and red plastic
activation plugs. Sorry-No choices.  No way to do it fairly.
I will box each in an identical, unmarked box
and "you takes your chances."

My interest is in aircraft military stuff from 1914-1945.
Also some interest in WW-II infantry portables.
I already own mutiples of the more common "ARC-5" sets,
although shock mounts, racks or accessories are always interesting.
GF/RU, SCR-187/287, RCA light aircraft, etc. would be good traders,
especially control boxes, mounts, connectors etc.
Also need accessories for portables like BC-611, BC-659, SCR-300, etc.

After 10 Sept. they go to Ebay.

73 DE Dave Stinson
arc5 at

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