T15 ARC-5 Transmitters

Paul Litwinovich paull at WSHU.ORG
Fri Sep 10 10:34:22 EDT 1999

Back in the 70's a bunch of my highschool buddies and myself built a pirate
AM station
with a T-15 ARC5. We got about 100 watts out of it, and using a  50 ft coil
loaded vertical with a very extensive grounding system covered our home town
and the surrounding communities. Car radios were quite sensitive back then
and you could hear it about 15 miles out in a car. We operated on 640 khz
which was the old CONELRAD frequency which had just been decommissioned with
the advent of the EBS system.
    An interesting point, just two weeks ago I was able to use the same
antenna design again, this time for legitimate purposes, when I had to
construct an emergency antenna for AM station  WRIV 1390, Long Island , NY,
which had lost their tower. I had them back on the air in less than 6 hours
with full contour strength (5mV/meter) over their city of license using 500
watts TPO.  The only difference this time was to add a capacitive hat to
help cancel some of the small antenna's reactance. The performance in the
surrounding burbs isn't as good as the 1/4 wave stick, but compared to no
signal at all, it sounds pretty good.  So it is possible to get decent
coverage with an undersized antenna if you work at it.
Paul Litwinovich
Chief Engineer,

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