T15 ARC-5 Transmitters And Phono Oscillators

Bob bmiller at CALWEB.COM
Fri Sep 10 19:38:46 EDT 1999

Another handy toy from the 50s was the Bud Phone Oscillator.  A single
117L7/M7 tube provided AC/DC 115 volt operation.  The unit was a modulated
oscillator.  My cousin and I pulled the power line rf shunt cap and
connected a random lenth long wire that ran the lenth of the alley behind
the old homestead.  All our high school pals had their car radio set to the
unit's frequency.  Voice modulation was provided by an old F-1 carbon mike
button and music from an RCA 45 changer with a crystal cartridge.  Despite
its low power and lean modulation, the unit could be heard all over the old
home town (population 29,000).  Our venture was short lived.  The 117L7 tube
went down the crapper after a few days of putzing around.  But while it had
a light inside, we were "Big Time" radio.
    Point being that if a tiny phono oscillator on a long wire can liven up
a small Northern California town, an ARC-5 on the BC band would have been
DYNOMITE to say the least.

    BTW sure would like to find one of those rascals today?


    Bob, KE6F

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