MF Command transmitters (chapter 1)

Will White wcw at USWEST.NET
Sat Sep 11 03:01:42 EDT 1999

Pardon me while I, unschooled as I am in military/agitprop radio history, join
the fray. My first thought is that in wartime Civilians especially are apt to
be tuning around at odd hours looking for everything and anything out of the
ordinary, trying to gather information about how the war is *really* going. I
cannot comment on the technical feasibility of transmitting radnsomly on
channels normally in use by others, but I think people *would* be listening.
Heck, I listen like this all the time both MWDX and SWBC. I hardly ever
consult a schedule, or beyond a few real staples like BBC on 6175 AM, know who
is supposed to be transmitting what and when.

Hue Miller wrote:

> You didn't address my point of consistency of broadcast schedule. Who's
> going to be tuning around listening for episodic provocative broadcast
> listening at
> random hours? If we go with your scenario of "radio blackout" on the part
> of the
> other team, let's try to imagine how this works: Sender Bremen suddenly
> announces,
> "Achtung! Feindlichen Bomber auf Richtung...." and goes off the air. After
> hearing this, probably everyone not assigned to AA guns, is hurrying off to
> a bomb shelter.

Will White, KD7BFX

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